Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about cooking courses at Casual Gourmet? Look no further than our FAQ to find out what to wear, where courses are held, and more!

Where are classes held?

Casual Gourmet cooking classes are held at the Culinary Institute of Virginia’s Norfolk Campus. Located near Norfolk International Airport, Culinary Institute of Virginia is centrally located for those traveling from anywhere in Hampton Roads.  The campus address is:

Culinary Institute of Virginia

2428 Almeda Avenue

Norfolk, VA 23513

What should I wear?

You want to be comfortable and safe in our kitchens, so guests should be sure to wear long pants and non-slip shoes that have closed-toes. You will be provided with an apron and a side towel, but classes can get pretty exciting, so wear clothes that you are ok with getting dirty.

Will I get to eat what I cook?

Absolutely! A good chef goes through life with their mouth open! While tasting is involved in just about every culinary class, keep in mind that much of what you produce may not be ready in the first half of your class, so have a snack before you arrive.

I can’t boil water! Is Casual Gourmet for me?

Our culinary courses are good for cooks of all levels, including those with no experience at all. Small class sizes allow for individual attention, so each guest has the opportunity to learn at his or her own pace.

I am a wiz in the kitchen! Is Casual Gourmet for me?

Indeed it is! We can help a good cook become a great cook. Our culinary classes can help you refine your techniques and increase your versatility. Not to mention, many of our more advanced customers comment on how much they enjoy spending time with foodies possessing equal passion and skills.

Do I have to do the dishes?

Not unless you want to! Culinary Institute of Virginia students assist Chef Instructors and guests throughout each cooking class. These dedicated student helpers maintain the kitchen throughout the session so guests can focus on learning new skills.